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What Our Customers Say About Us?

Just recently in 2013, me and my Family decided to move to Canada and we had a look at the real estate market, in search of a house but even the agents we were contacting were making it difficult and we were a bit low on budget to buy a house, we were in search of a plan that could let us pay by instalments or that could make a safe plan for us to acquire our own house in future , till we were referred to ‘Home ownership made easy’ website and just one contact with them had set us on the right part, we are now partially owners of a semi-detached bungalow and i couldn’t be happier i would definitely recommend you give it a try and see how housing can me made easy to fit your budget.

Valerie Greene

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate the opportunity to become a home owner and that my family is now in a home we can call our. This would not have been possible without your teams hard work and willingness to help.

Matt Wood

I wanted to write in to thank you for all your help! As a first time potential homebuyer whom had been turned away from a traditional mortgage I was like a deer in the headlights when I contacted Home Ownership Made Easy about their rent to own option, but they treated me with the upmost respect and held my hand through the whole ordeal. I am now proudly say I have found a gorgeous 2bdrm bungalow with most importantly a yard for my dogs that will be mine in no time!

Amanda Wisner
The staff at ‘Home Ownership Made Easy’ were both professional and helpful. We were able to purchase the property of our dreams and it couldn’t have been done without their help.
Jim practically jumped through hoops to get us a mortgage and then closed the deal quickly for us. Without his expertise and perseverance we would never have been able to purchase our beautiful new home.
H.O.M.E. go above and beyond what should be reasonably expected. I would strongly recommend them for your next home purchase. We definitely will!
Thank you so much,
Mr & Mrs Roger Middleton

When we decided to start looking into home ownership our friends suggested your services as we knew that we couldn’t get a mortgage. They had set up a rent to own situation with their new home and were beyond pleased with the knowledgeable staff and efficient customer service. I have to admit that once we logged on to your site we were kind of blown away by the amount of options but after chatting with your experts we felt at easy and began the process right away! A month later we had decided on a place and have begun our lives together all thanks to your help!

Joanne & George

Home Ownership Made Easy has been my savior!  After being turned down for a mortgage from several lenders I believed I was doomed to never own my own home.  When a friend suggested Home Ownership Made Easy I was still apprehensive.  But after my initial meeting with the team I was made to feel welcome, listened to and, most importantly, hopeful again.  The team’s devotion and care were just second to none.  Home Ownership Made Easy knew exactly what they were doing from day one.  Their customer service was just tremendous. Rent To Own has given me the opportunity to chose a home and location that works for me.  It has allowed me time to save the down payment while actually living in my new home!  The expertise of the Home Ownership Made Easy team has helped me in so many ways and ultimately made my home-owning dream a reality. Thank you and thank you again!

HOME Client

Home Ownership Made Easy was the ultimate assistance for my families and me. Through their services I was able to find a solution to my financial problems, the ones which didn’t allow me to acquire the house of my dreams.

I used the H.O.M.E. program after my bank didn’t approve my mortgage. Home Ownership Made Easy experts examined my case carefully and using their deep knowledge they found the best solution for my family and me.

I felt so safe and confident working with the people of Home Ownership Made Easy. They really made my life and the acquisition of my dream home easy. And they stood by me at every step of the way, explaining our next moves towards the completion of my dream.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

HOME Customer

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